samedi 9 juin 2012


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  1. Unable to sign up for an account on Threadless because of some technical glitch but I want to comment on your girlfriend's face tilted back to reveal the interesting alignment of cheekbones and ears that balances the stark expanse of skin and shadow. Chapeau. You managed to turn the planes of her face into a statue with nothing but lines. The open gap at her neckline is so wide that you apparently felt the need to add something more, but to my eye those squiggles just clutter the graceful lines of her neck, collar and earrings.
    That chimp with soulful eyes could be staring into the empty sockets of a human skull.
    I look forward to seeing what you do next.

  2. Hi!
    Thanks a lot for your word! You're probably right about the "squiggles", thank you very much to take time to share your impressions.
    The monkey surely looks at us, alive.